• Review by Leo Mayr - December 12, 2018

John Paesano, having completed the Maze Runner trilogy earlier this year has somehow found the time to write the score for the new Spider-Man video game. There have been many composers trying their best at composing a theme for the titular hero, the most notable entries being Danny Elfman’s work on Sam Raimi’s trilogy, as well as Michael Giacchino’s score for last year’s Spider-Man: Homecoming. John Paesano went all-out for the web slinger's latest adventure, composing a fantastic theme that can boldly stand next to the Spider-Man themes that have came before it.

Despite being “only” a video game, the score has been treated much in the same way a film score would have been. The music is of mostly orchestral nature, with synths only highlighting certain aspects of the game, like the electric showdown with Shocker. Paesano’s main theme is the true star of the show, with bold orchestration that can easily hold equal footing with recent superhero movies. The theme can be loud and exciting, as well as intimate and emotional, holding a fantastic balance between Spider-Man and Peter Parker. The theme usually starts playing any time you start swinging around the gorgeous recreation of New York, and really, all I ever want to do is swing around the city, listening to Paesano’s majestic music.

But of course, the score has more to offer than its main theme alone. There’s some fantastic music in the more intimate moments spent as Peter Parker, really grounding the story in everyday problems and Parker's personal life. The orchestration and the way the music is implemented into the game make the whole thing feel more like a movie than a video game, with the music dynamically adapting to what’s going on onscreen.

The stealth sections are fun and engaging, the action is simply breathtaking and Paesano ties the game’s story together with a handful of great themes that pop up here and there, really making it feel like you’re actually living in a Spider-Man movie.

Marvel’s Spider-Man is everything you could want from a great Spider-Man movie, as well as from a great Spider-Man video game, all thrown into the same package. The music in particular is crafted exceptionally well and takes the spotlight more often than not. John Paesano delivers what is easily one of the best video game scores of the year, and it's well worth experiencing time and time again.

  • 5/5