About Film.Music.Media

Founded in 2009 by Kaya Savas, Film.Music.Media initially started as a soundtrack review blog on Blogspot. Over the years it has evolved into a multimedia channel that focuses on giving a platform to those who tell stories with music across visual media. Our initial focus was to make "reviews" more analytical and look at film/TV/game scores from a storytelling perspective rather than the typical "album experience". A revolving door of talented writers have come to contribute to Film.Music.Media over the years with reviews and articles. As the blog grew, Film.Music.Media setup its own domain and establish itself beyond just blog reviews. We dipped our toes into doing audio interviews with composers as we felt it was much better to hear the interview subject's voice rather than reading finely edited responses in a written interview.

In 2010, founder Kaya Savas relocated to Los Angeles and was now in the heart of the entertainment industry. While pursuing a career in the industry, he kept Film.Music.Media as a passion project going. Film.Music.Media established its own YouTube Channel, which would become the central hub for the interview library that was growing. Once in Los Angeles, Kaya was able to form relationships with composers, agents, publicists, managers and other industry professionals. This opened the doors to unprecedented access into the world of film/TV/game music. Instead of audio interviews over the phone or Skype, we were able to sit in a studio with the composer and hear their stories in person. This led to "All Access", our premiere video interview series which continues on today. As we continued to grow we were able to cover events like the ASCAP and BMI Awards every year with exclusive interviews, attend special events and provide photo coverage, document recording sessions, film and edit music videos, and much more.

Today, the focus has shifted to interviews, behind the scenes, and video essays on YouTube that expand beyond the world of screen music. Even though we are proud of the 1,000+ analytical reviews that were written and published on Film.Music.Media, we ultimately decided to stop doing reviews and removed them from the site as to stop participating in "critic culture".

Today, we continue to bring you exclusive interviews, behind the scenes, video essays, and more.

Film.Music.Media brings the world of screen music to your fingertips!

About Kaya Savas

Kaya Savas was born and raised in Bethesda, Maryland and grew up immersed in film. The first film his parents ever showed him was Walt Disney's Fantasia, and who knows what that marriage of images and music did to his little brain. As he grew up, he gravitated to movies with big scores like Jurassic Park, The Lion King, The Land Before Time and The Rock. Games like Medal Of Honor and Metal Gear Solid also spoke to him in his teen years and had him chasing down the soundtracks. From an early age he knew he wanted to pursue filmmaking as a career.

Throughout college Kaya worked at his local AMC Theater in Maryland. He worked his way off the concession stand to become a projectionist where he would build film prints and run the 35mm projectors. Over his time at AMC he worked at 3 different theaters and would be able to run the projection booth with 18 projectors/auditoriums running simultaneously.

Kaya graduated Cum Laude from Towson University in 2009 with a BS in Electronic Media & Film. In 2010 he decided to head west and move to Los Angeles. For the first few months he worked at Regency Theaters as their booth manager in one of the last few remaining theaters with 35mm projectors. Then Kaya managed to get his foot in the door and work as a Digital Assets Specialist for Walt Disney Studios in their Home Entertainment department. Working on the Disney studio lot provided an invaluable experience to learn about the inner workings of the entertainment industry at one of the biggest companies in the world. Also, after 4 years at Walt Disney Studios, a new opportunity presented itself.

In 2015, Cartoon Network Studios offered Kaya a position as an Asset Coordinator as they were growing and needed someone who knew how to manage production assets. Kaya grew up on Cartoon Network and jumped at the chance to work at the immensely creative and auteur-based animation studio. Today Kaya serves as the manager of Production Systems & Studio Assets for the studio. Over the years, his role has expanded immensely. His bosses even saw what he was doing with Film.Music.Media and began to invest in production gear at the studio where Kaya could apply his Film.Music.Media documenting approach to voice record sessions and general behind the scenes that Cartoon Network could run on their YouTube channel.

All this while, Kaya was also running Film.Music.Media during his free time. F.M.M continued to grow and other opportunities arose. Kaya became the first new editor for The Score Magazine for The SCL (Society Of Composers & Lyricists) in over 34 years. He helped usher in the magazine to a modern age and helped with a ground up redesign of the magazine. It quickly became one of the core industry magazines that featured Kaya's relaxed conversational style of interviewing as well as many great articles and pieces from regular contributors. After 2 years, he stepped down from the role as editor to focus more on his career and Film.Music.Media.

Legal Info:

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