Frequently Asked Questions

We are so honored and humbled that Film.Music.Media is reaching hundreds of thousands of readers/viewers/listeners worldwide. This site was created as a premiere resource for fans/aficionados, aspiring storytellers across all media, and current professionals in the industry. If there are any questions about the site and how we run things, hopefully it will be answered here! We get many emails and messages from our readers and just wanted to address some of the familiar questions we get.

1. Is Film.Music.Media a management/representation company?

No. We do not represent any composers or industry professionals. We wish everyone the best of luck in their professional careers, but we do not provide opportunities or contacts for industry employment. We also do not give out contact information to any guests who are featured on the site.

2. You used to do reviews, what happened?

We stopped doing formal reviews on July 30, 2019. For insight into what went into that decision click here. The short story is that we no longer wanted to contribute to toxic critic culture. Film music is purely subjective, and what you enjoy may not be what someone else enjoys. Music and anything in the form of entertainment should be a discussion where everyone appreciates what resonates with different people, and also being interested in what other people took away from a film, TV show or game. Storytelling is what unites us all as human beings, attacking one another for what we like or dislike is the opposite of what storytelling is meant to do. We will continue to shine a light on great work in the form of monthly album spotlights, scene studies and our annual "Best Scores" lists for anyone interested in those kinds of things. In those videos we "open up the hood" so to speak and take a closer look at how music can work within the context of what it was written for.

3. Do people pay to be featured on the site?

No. Film.Music.Media is a 100% (minimal) ad-supported online publication, and that essentially covers costs of operation. All the journalists here contribute on their free time because of their passion for the medium of film and film music.

4. So are you hiring?

Occasionally we will accept new writers to help with articles, we are a small and dedicated team who contributes on their free time. You can always email if you're interested in joining and we will take it on a case by case basis. Please do not inquire about joining our team unless you are serious about contributing and being an active writer. Film.Music.Media does not provide monetary compensation, all journalists here volunteer their free time and talents.

5. I emailed but haven't heard back?

As stated above, this site is run on free time and pure passion. Family, friends, life and work take priority above all. Running this site is a full-time effort on top of everything else, so please be patient.

6. What is "All Access"? 

All Access is our premiere video interview series that focuses on detailed and meaningful interviews with composers. They differ from our traditional audio interviews in that we go into much more detail and varying topics, whereas our audio interviews try to focus more on a current project the composer is working on. Plus you get to see a glimpse of their studios and see the composer speak on video.

7. Why haven't you interviewed [Insert Composer Name]?

While we have interviewed many of the composers working in the industry, there are a few notable ones we haven't. Truth be told, scheduling is extremely difficult especially when we are asking for time to do more than a traditional "puff piece". We are so grateful to every guest who has given their time to us as we all know that time is the most precious commodity, especially when many composers are balancing a demanding work life and personal life at the same time.

8. You used some unreleased music in one of your old interview intros, can I have it?

No. Sorry, we do not send or give out music. Every score we review can be purchased on CD and/or digital. In some cases we interview composers whose work is not released (in many cases for TV shows), the music that is provided to us is solely to give listeners a sample of their music in the intro/outro of the interview. We do not distribute any music heard in our interviews.

9. Why don't you talk about tech stuff and gear, or ask the composers about their setups?

Our interviews are meant to examine the aesthetics, thoughts and processes of our guests. We look at everything from a storytelling/filmmaking point of view. Plus there are many other sites who do a way better job at examining gear with composers, and we encourage you to support those sites.