• Review by Kaya Savas - 4/19/18

Christopher Lennertz’s talents as a storyteller have been on display his entire career. The way he works with an orchestra is pure magic. With Lost In Space it seems he finally found a match that truly utilizes his talents to the fullest. Lennertz has always done great scores for comedies like Horrible Bosses, Sausage Party and Ride Along. But give him a canvas to build a musical world around, and he can take you soaring. Lost In Space is some of Lennertz’s best work in his career, and also an incredible entry in the space adventure genre.

Lennertz acknowledges the history of Lost In Space and pays homage to John Williams’ original theme, but the score manages to find its own voice very quickly. The music is able to create awe-inspiring scope, intensity, and nuanced emotional threads that build the bond between characters. Structurally, the score keeps the pace moving when things get exciting, a track like “Dump The Fuel” is a great example of Lennertz’s orchestral action writing. The music keeps your heart rate elevated while still sending chills down your spine during those rousing swells. Then a track like “Flowers - Father And Son” showcases the nuanced emotional core where everything feels organic instead of forced. I even found myself feeling the spirit of John Barry alive in the music here as Lennertz is able to capture the majesty and beauty of the landscape. The album gives us an amazing selection of music from season 1 that represents the narrative flow of the season quite well.

Sometimes the universe finds balance and things are as they should be. That is the case with Christopher Lennertz scoring this modern adaptation of Lost In Space. Every ounce of his talent is on display here, and it’s some of the most rousing musical storytelling you’ll find on television in 2018. Big exciting orchestral swells, impeccably structured action, and an engrossing emotional core make the score the biggest star of the series.

  • 4.5/5