• Review by Leo Mayr - 7/26/18

The first season of Jessica Jones is one of the strongest Marvel/Netflix shows out there, so a second season was inevitable. Composer Sean Callery created a unique and memorable score for the first season, even winning an Emmy for his outstanding main theme, so his return for the second season was to be expected.

As with seemingly all Netflix shows, the main theme has remained completely unchanged for the second season. The new album does, however, contain a lovely 5-minute version of his main theme that’s definitely a welcome sight.

Callery’s style has remained mostly consistent from the first season, once again relying on a mostly calm and melancholic atmosphere as the show is generally more focused on its characters than on villainous plots or action scenes. This time around, there’s a bit more action and villainy, so Callery’s score tends to dip a bit too far in a more generic, electronic soundscape, but thankfully those moments never last for too long.

Overall, a lot of the score feels like an extension of the first one rather than a new story, so at times, the music can feel a bit inconsistent. The first season had a tighter narrative, focusing on one main plot while the second season branches out into more storylines and plots, which leads to the whole thing sounding a bit messy in places.

Sean Callery does an admirable job at continuing and expanding the world of Jessica Jones, and while some parts of the score can feel a bit generic, his unique style does shine through more often than not. While the second season doesn’t quite feel like a continuation of the first, there’s still some fun to be had.

  • 3/5