• Review by Leo Mayr - December 12, 2018

In a surprising turn for Marvel’s Netflix shows, Trevor Morris, having scored the first season of Iron Fist, did not return to compose the score for the second season and instead Robert Lydecker was hired. Lydecker has been working with Brian Tyler for the past couple of years, most notably sharing co-composing credit on xXx: Return of Xander Cage last year.

The score to the first season of Iron Fist wasn’t exactly groundbreaking, but it did its job well enough. While the change of composers seems unusual for a Marvel show, Lydeckers addition to the show is definitely a welcome breath of fresh air.

Right away, Lydecker’s score feels a lot more precise and refined, getting you engaged right out of the gate. The music is dominated by intense percussion rhythms and haunting vocals, making for a quite unique musical experience. Lydecker handles the calmer scenes wonderfully, with several stunning moments throughout that feel unusually polished compared to some of the other Marvel shows. Lydecker’s score beautifully resonates with the images, making for tome truly stunning moments.

In the end, however, it’s the action that takes the spotlight. While most of it is dominated by furious percussion, Lydecker always manages to find a way to keep the music feeling fresh and exciting. Overall, there are a lot of fantastic cues that just keep being exciting and full of energy.

Robert Lydecker has crafted a remarkably exciting score for what some consider to be one of Marvel’s weaker shows. Lydecker manages to keep the music fresh and exciting throughout the show’s runtime leading to quite a few fantastic scenes, with both highly entertaining action, as well as calmer, more intimate moments. While the show didn’t seem to last for too long, it did allow Lydecker to really flex his muscles on a larger project and is well worth experiencing in person.

  • 3.5/5