• Review by Leo Mayr - December 12, 2018

Destiny 2 has gotten its first major expansion with Forsaken, a darker, more ominous story than the already pretty dark main game. The music team has remained mostly the same since the last album release. The music, however, is a considerable improvement on the already fantastic base game.

The music in Destiny 2 is, much like its predecessor, spectacular. A massive orchestral score has become the norm for Destiny and its expansions. The base game featured a lot of stunning pieces, but somehow it did not feel as fleshed out as the music in the first game. Forsaken rectifies that, by expanding on the world once again, and introducing an overwhelming amount of spectacular action cues.

While on the surface, it’s just more of what we already know, the music feels more refined, more precise over its predecessor. Despite the fact that by this point you pretty much know how the music in Destiny sounds, it’s still exciting to hear new variations of established themes as well as additions to the vast and expanding universe. The action music feels a lot more refined this time around, with more fantastic pieces than I could list. This being the fifth album released, it’s starting to get difficult to remember the name of a piece, but that’s hardly worth complaining about.

We’re slowly approaching the point where it’s harder and harder to write about new Destiny music. This is the fifth album released for the series, and still the team of composers is doing their best to create new and exciting music, constantly reinventing the formula yet never repeating themselves. It’s quite remarkable how much the music can sound alike, yet never repetitive. Or to put it differently: If you liked the music up to this point, you’ll more than enjoy Forsaken, but if you didn’t, this will hardly change your mind.

  • 4.5/5