The Future Is Female: A Concert For Women In Film

By Kaya Savas

May 9, 2017

Think of any film composer right now, first one that pops into your head. Chances are that composer was a man. It’s a problem in our industry that we are shining a much needed light on. We are more aware of diversity in the entertainment industry than ever before, and it’s not just racial diversity but gender diversity as well. The composing profession has historically only shown opportunities towards men; a problem most likely associated with the fact that most directors are also men, and in turn hire men to work with them.

Things are changing for the better, and there’s no better evidence than the recent The Future Is Female: A Concert For Women In Film. This concert comes on the heels of another successful concert, The Women Who Score: Soundtracks Live. That concert featured some of the top female composers in the industry. The Future Is Female, led by composer Tori Letzler who organized and produced this concert, focuses on young up and coming female composers.

This concert featured some of the most talented female composers who are paving the road for the next generation of great storytellers. The composers featured here have already made a mark in the industry by working with top composers such as Hans Zimmer, Lorne Balfe, Brian Tyler, The Newton Brothers, Mychael Danna, Bear McCreary, Christopher Lennertz, Jeff Russo, Henry Jackman, Thomas Newman, Steve Jablonsky and more!

These group of young women are paving their own roads and making sure other aspiring female composers can follow in their path. This concert showcases some absolutely stunning original pieces all performed by The Hollywood Chamber Orchestra.

Hopefully you’ll discover some new exciting talent here and follow the career paths of these fantastic storytellers as they tackle their next projects. Film.Music.Media was honored to be at the event and capture these performances for others to discover.

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