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Underworld: Blood Wars by Michael Wandmacher (Review)

posted Feb 7, 2017, 3:24 AM by Leo Mayr

The Underworld series just keeps coming back for more. Despite recieving mostly negative reviews, the films somehow managed to make enough money to warrant sequel after sequel. After some solid scores by Paul Haslinger and Marco Beltrami, Michael Wandmacher was brought on to do the fifth installment.

While the film seems to be yet another attempt at milking every last penny from the franchise, Michael Wandmacher does his best to make the film somewhat entertaining. Wandmacher's score is dark and relies mostly on orchestral sounds with a handful of electronic textures throughout. Pretty much the standard nowadays. The score spends a good amount of time with dark, almost ambient sounds that, while working as intended, fail at establishing a musical narrative. The score is rarely allowed to proceed past barely noticeable ambience, and while it's effective, it's also just unmemorable. There's nothing to stick in your head, no emotional scenes or memorable themes, instead the score seems to just focus on the individual moments. Wandmacher handles the mostly orchestral action nicely, breathing some life into the film's fight scenes. The action has just the right intensity to get you engaged in the film, yet also fails to stick with you past the very second you stop hearing it.

Underworld: Blood Wars really isn't all too special. While Michael Wandmacher shows strong efforts in creating engaging music, the lack of any memorable moments prevents the score from really getting to you. While there are some fun moments to be heard, there's nothing you'll remember after leaving the cinema.