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Tooth And Tail by Austin Wintory (Review)

posted Sep 21, 2017, 11:32 PM by Leo Mayr

Tooth and Tail
 sees Austin Wintory reunite with Pocketwatch Games, the studio behind the fantastic Monaco: What's Yours is Mine which was also scored by Wintory.

The strategy game is centered around the conflict between rivalling animal factions, so you know to expect a weird score. The score opens with a fun main theme that's instantly memorable and carries through the entire score. The music is very lighthearted and often fast-paced, making for a fun and memorable experience both ingame and on the album. The score contains a lot of unusual instrumentation as should be expected by Wintory at this point. No two pieces of music sound alike, yet the same main theme carries throughout, tying the score together. Some tracks contain insane, wordless vocals accompanied by a full orchestra while others focus on violin solos. All in all, there's a lot going on.

Austin Wintory delivers yet another colourful score that beautifully defines the game musically. While some of the instrumentation may seem unusual, it makes for an all the more unique experience you definitely shouldn't miss.