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The Teller And The Truth by Carl Thiel (Review)

posted Feb 17, 2017, 11:30 AM by Kaya Savas

The Teller And The Truth is a small indie film that is a fictional story “based on true stories”, presented in the style of a documentary. It’s a complicated narrative structure that benefits largely from Carl Thiel’s beautiful and haunting score.

The plot revolves around a missing woman, whose car was found submerged and it focuses on the effect of the disappearance on the townspeople. We learn more and more about the character as told in flashback reenactments as well as the modern day interviews. Carl Thiel’s score doesn't take a documentary approach, and in fact infused a lush and hauntingly beautiful overtone to the whole story. The music has a sense of romanticism but is also intriguing in the mystery it paints. There are some great moments of tension and suspense that almost makes it feel like modern noir. The score builds to some incredibly big moments that truly wash over you and leave a lasting impact. If there is a drawback it’s that the score is way more thought out than the picture is. So in the context of the film, the music can seem extremely big for this indie film’s aspirations. What keeps it all together is the great structure and approach of taking the audience on a journey.

There Teller And The Truth is such a strong effort from Carl Thiel that it’s worth experiencing in all its glory. The score is so well executed and grabs you for the entirety of the story as it tries desperately to give structure to the choppy narrative of this faux documentary. There are some surprisingly grandiose moments and emotions here, and the closing song is a wonderful cap to this seductive and haunting story. While Carl is mostly known for his work with Robert Rodriguez, this shows his talents on a different spectrum of utilizing lush orchestral textures to tell a story worth listening to.