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The Mountain Between Us by Ramin Djawadi (Review)

posted Oct 19, 2017, 7:15 PM by Kaya Savas

The Mountain Between Us tells the story of two strangers who crash-land in the remote wilderness and must now work together to survive the journey to rescue. The film is a romanticized survival story based on the novel of the same name, and with a title like The Mountain Between Us you’re bound to steep into melodramatic territory. Ramin Djawadi provides the lush and melodic score that successfully walks the fine line of raw emotion and elevated melodrama.

The score for The Mountain Between Us is actually a very beautiful one. The use of piano gives the music something tactic and romantic from the start, and we get this deep lushness that truly places us amongst the treacherous beauty of the isolated wilderness. The score manages to slowly build the relationship of our two protagonists while still moving the survival narrative forward in a very effective way. By having such a thematically strong score, we are really invested into the emotions from start to finish. The score is constantly telling us the story rather than building dread or atmosphere. The parts of the score that accompany the moments of danger and peril don’t lay it on too thick either. There is always a sense of isolation that creeps in here and there, but the central bond of the character is what keeps things not so bleak. The track “Flare Gun” is an example when things get a bit too heavy in comparison to the rest of the score, so much so it feels out of place and almost from a different story. Djawadi finds such a wonderful emotional current though and is able to weave that successfully all the way to the final act.

The Mountain Between Us contains some of Ramin Djawadi’s most lyrical and melodic music to date. It really is an engaging score that finds beauty in every turn while still commenting on the survival aspect of the story. While the film itself and the score may step over the line into melodrama here and there, it’s not enough to ruin the lasting effect this robust score will have on the audience. Trickling piano and lush strings grow and build the relationship of our protagonists to a very well-rounded and satisfying conclusion.