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The Lego Batman Movie by Lorne Balfe (Review)

posted Feb 7, 2017, 12:42 PM by Kaya Savas

The Lego Batman Movie arrives on the heels of the very successful The Lego Movie, which also featured our titular hero. The Lego Batman Movie is in a sense a spoofing of Batman and superhero films overall while also delivering its own fun take in the Batman franchise, and has come at a perfect time. A time where DC and Marvel films are as stale and cliched as they come. The Lego Batman Movie finds its wit, charm and soul in Lorne Balfe’s fantastic score. A wonderful and extremely entertaining score that helps the world come alive and helps the humor hit every beat. The problem with The Lego Movie was that it was sincerely sensory overload, and thankfully here that is no longer the case. Lorne’s score is bold and welcomingly over the top when it needs to be, but fills the cup perfectly to the rim without spilling overboard.

The best part about the approach here is that the score never feels goofy or ridiculous, it matches the mentality and tone of this incarnation of Batman wonderfully. The score is both a love-letter to the character/genre without resorting to too on the nose references (just a few here and there), somewhat similar to how the scores for other satires like Airplane and The Naked Gun were approached. Lorne does make it his own though and doesn’t make this Batman score sound like it was cut from the same cloth as others. In fact, this score really does a great job of standing on its own and creating its own identity. There is a bit of rock-n-roll infused in the DNA of the music that makes it energetic and fun through percussion and rhythms. While the musical narrative has no issue reaching a certain level of scope to make you really feel what’s at stake, it’s also limited in its emotional reach given what the film is. But make no mistake, Lorne makes up for that by providing some thrilling action sequences that are impressively structured. Just because this is an animated comedy doesn't mean the music lacks those chilling moments of heroism. Lorne gets to score some impressive sequences, and we get some beefy tracks to enjoy and appreciate the skill applied to structuring something like the nearly 8-minute long “Lava Attack”. In the end, you feel satisfied with your meal, never feeling like you’ve overeaten.

Lorne Balfe’s The Lego Batman Movie is pure fun from start to finish. We get a grand heaping of score that entertains, brings the characters to life, makes the world feel vivid, and thrills us with some impressive action sequences. The rock-n-roll DNA of the music’s style helps keep things energetic and propulsive, but we do get some grandiose moments of heroism as well. The music doesn't merely exist just to help the film lampoon cliches of Batman and superhero films, it actually fleshes out the characters and provides a well-structured narrative that stands on its own. It also does all this while sharing space with lots of songs. This is another solid and quality effort from the always versatile Lorne Balfe.