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The Legend Of Korra: Original Music From Book One by Jeremy Zuckerman (Review)

posted Jul 30, 2013, 9:19 PM by Kaya Savas

The Legend Of Korra is the intended sequel series to the massively popular Avatar: The Last Airbender. Avatar composer Jeremy Zuckerman who composed with Benjamin Wynn goes solo for The Legend Of Korra: Book One. Zuckerman brings everything he did so well with Avatar here as well. The score is a lush and textural adventure story with different layers and tons of character.

What separates The Legend Of Korra from other TV animation scores is its rigid dramatic structure and approach. A lot of TV animation boasts tons of high-octane music that sort of blends and meshes together. Zuckerman has actually crafted a beautiful story here. The music establishes a rich sound palette, hooking melodies, wonderful builds and of course Korra’s journey is center stage. Some of the tracks are incredible such as "Being Patient/Beifong’s Sacrifice", which gave me goosebumps. There is a substantial amount of emotional resonance in this score as well. The climactic builds of some tracks are truly stunning. We even have a nearly 7.5-minute track that is elegantly beautiful, and remember we are talking about a Nickelodeon animated series here. You will not find a 7.5-minute track like that on any other animated series. The score is an integral part of building and telling this story. The action tracks are riveting and the use of percussion is terrific. The music takes on a bit of an Asian sonic palette that grounds the music with a sense of culture and history.

The score is truly an incredibly journey with so many exciting moments and emotionally moving passages. It’s a benchmark for animated TV scoring and a testament to Zuckerman’s thematic abilities. Props to Nickelodeon for giving Jeremy the resources for him to put together such an amazing piece of work, and it’s a testament that Nickelodeon is releasing the music on their own record label. The Legend Of Korra: Book One is a really fantastic score that only leaves us wanting more from Books 2-4.