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The Least Among You by Mark Kilian (Review)

posted Sep 13, 2010, 8:42 AM by Kaya Savas

Mark Kilian's score to the drama about a young black man serving in an all white penitentiary after the 1965 Watts riots rides a fine line of emotional and cliche. Some of the score sounds like it was composed for a made for TV movie while the main thematic material is actually very emotional. The first track does indeed hook you. A gentle piano with soothing vocals erupts into a moving string melody.

What follows is a grab bag of some very emotional tracks sprinkled with blues infused cues to establish setting and atmosphere. Then there is the standard TV drama sounding music that sounds like it was taken from an episode of House. That kind of music does weigh it down a bit because it has a very inorganic sound to it. However when Kilian does bring back the strings and utilize vocals in a very unique way it does lift the score back into that ethereal and emotional realm.

While the score does embody some very well done moments of emotion I can't recommend it as a blind buy. If you've seen the film and enjoyed it then I recommend the purchase, but as a standalone piece it doesn't have the structural consistency to make it a worth returning to.