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The Girlfriend Game by Daniel Hart (Review)

posted Mar 3, 2015, 3:16 PM by Kaya Savas

Daniel Hart followed the path most composers have these days. He’s in a band, a great one at that, and started scoring films with people he knew. His second score ever was Ain’t Them Bodies Saints, which was a fantastic film and a score that topped Film.Music.Media’s Best Scores of 2013 list. Since then Daniel has done some great projects as he demonstrates that even though he’s new to the scoring industry, he has a full grasp of how music works to tell a story. The Girlfriend Game is a short film, and a pretty dark and twisted one at that. You can find it online and it’s only 15-min, well worth a watch if you’re in the mood for a twisted psychosexual thriller. Anyway, the score does a fantastic job with the short film format in building an atmosphere, and leading you deeper down the rabbit hole.

The entire film revolves around a couple who gets a sexual thrill by pretending to be strangers at bars. When the girlfriend is about to be whisked away in a stranger’s arms, the boyfriend steps in and pretends to be a stranger who swoops her away. As things begin to strain, the girlfriend decides to go further, and that kicks off a dark twisted trip. The score is all about mood and atmosphere, and it does a fantastic job at painting a cool dark night in the city. It paints the club scene, has a seductive quality about it, but it’s also great at building tension based off how Hart structured it. In album form the music expands beyond the film to be this dark seductive electronic album that encompasses the relationship depicted in the film. Daniel said that the music he was writing was able to evolve past the film, so he kept writing. That’s why the album runs over double the running time of the actual film. All in all it’s a dark and seductive trip worth taking.

The Girlfriend Game is a unique score for a short that may be bit over the top for some, but the music does a very admirable job of building this twisted tale in 15 minutes. Daniel’s score grew beyond the film and was able to give us some great tracks for a nearly 40min album. Electronic beats, loops and textures to build suspense all work together to craft this psychosexual thriller. If you’re looking for something a bit different from one of the most promising up and coming composers, then check out Daniel Hart’s The Girlfriend Game.