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The Game by Daniel Pemberton (Review)

posted Nov 30, 2014, 7:11 AM by
The Game
is a spy thriller series created for television. The broadcast began in this year's November. It starrs Brian Cox as the head of the intelligence agency MI5. This series sees his character setting up a committee, in order to protect the nation from the threats of Cold War.
So far, The Game is comprised of six episodes. Composer Daniel Pemberton, who has already written many themes and music for multiple TV shows and video games, was hired to tackle the spy world of The Game. Some years ago, Mr. Pemberton also started working on a number of movies, getting the opportunity to make a name for himself while working with none other than Sir Ridley Scott on his picture The Counselor.
While listening to The Game, I immediately felt the tension and suspense coming through the speakers. The main theme is quite effective, receiving different treatments throughout the album. “Titles And Opening” delivers one of the best variations of the central theme.
The music is basically all about suspense and thrill, sometimes, however, the tension is subdued a little with cues like “Breaking The Boxes” and "Julia's Theme". I felt that the writing and use of instruments in general, such as the piano, strings and occasional cello, were well handled by the composer. Some cues probably work better inside the series, supporting the picture, yet on the outside some don't quite stand alone. This is by no means a big downside of the album, since as a composer, you have to serve the film, by finding the right pace and structure and on some occasions, you will find material you are likely to skip. Like I said before, this is not a huge distraction, since several cues are really good and well crafted. The music delivers quite a solid listening experience and I hope we will hear more music written by Daniel Pemberton in the future.