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The Flash: Season 2 by Blake Neely (Review)

posted Sep 20, 2016, 12:30 AM by Leo Mayr

Blake Neely returns for the second season of The Flash, one of the many TV shows based around DC comics superheroes. Neely has shown a wide range of styles and themes for the shows he's handling but The Flash has been his best effort so far. While the music in the second season is not a whole lot different from the first, Neely does manage to create a worthy addition to the show.

Where Arrow's music is defined by electronic sounds and a dark atmosphere, The Flash is a more lighthearted approach that still retains gravitas throughout. The main themes from the first season return, allowing Neely to further develop the show's universe. Where the emotional and heroic moments focus mainly on orchestral music, the darker moments associated with the show's wide range of villains introduce strong electronics with Neely finding just the right balance. For this season's crossover with Arrow, Neely introduces a villain theme dominated by intense choir elements, perfectly tying together the two shows and representing the danger that requires the two to team up. Besides the intense action and the bold main theme, Neely manages to focus a lot on the emotional components, fleshing out themes heard in the first season and introducing new characters to the mix.

The Flash: Season 2 has everything you would expect from a second season. The Flash remains one of Neely's most intriguing scores and while the new season does not change a lot, it does make for a nice addition to the show's soundscape.