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The Flash: Season 1 by Blake Neely (Review)

posted Nov 17, 2015, 8:39 AM by Leo Mayr

Blake Neely has defined the music for the TV show Arrow with a dark, suspenseful atmosphere relying heavily on electronics. So when I heard that Neely would be composing music for the TV show The Flash, that is what I expected. What I got instead surprised me.

The main theme immediately feels different. Where Arrow had a dark, electronic theme, The Flash has a bold, heroic theme without any electronics, a welcome change after three seasons of Arrow. The electronics eventually do show up in the score's action moments but are never overused. Where Arrow was about dark, suspenseful moments and some great emotional arcs, The Flash is filled with outstanding character development and beautiful themes that I never expected from Neely. The score never feels too long or repetetive, it is just fun to listen to with great moments followed by even more great moments. The main theme ties the tracks together, the villains get their own identity with the main character going through loss and rising up to those swelling heroic moments. In places Neely adds choir to the action to great effect. The electronics are well balanced and never feel as intense and dominating as they do in Arrow. Except in the track "The Flash vs. Arrow". The striking balance of everything makes for a unique and exciting listen.

While Blake Neely has done a great job at defining Arrow through electronics and suspense, the score to The Flash surpassed my expectations even more. The music is well written, the emotional side of things are handled exceptionally well with some superhero action and bold motifs spread throughout. This score is definitely worth a listen.