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The Expendables by Brian Tyler (Review)

posted Aug 2, 2010, 1:04 PM by Kaya Savas   [ updated Aug 2, 2010, 1:37 PM ]

Sylvester Stallone continues his collaboration with Brian Tyler with The Expendables. This will be Tyler's third score for Stallone as a director except this time it will be for original material. The last two outings were for the Rocky and Rambo franchises so of course Tyler had previous material to draw from. This time around he had a clean canvas. The end result is a decent, but very average action score. The Expendables is pure action entertainment so I wasn't expecting anything more than that in the score. However, pure action scores are the most fun to listen to in my opinion. The action scores of the 90's are what I grew up on, and this score definitely draws on that.

The sound of the score is extremely reminiscent of the Zimmer sound of the mid to late 90's. Tyler's score has some great melodies, but I never felt like the score packed any intensity. The reason why Zimmer's scores were so memorable was because they were incredibly intense and were not afraid to take center stage. Traditionalists will argue that a score should never draw attention to itself, and while I agree with that I also feel that these are different circumstances. If I'm watching an over the top action movie then I want an over the top action score. I want the music to explode louder than the sound effects. I want the melodies to shake, rattle and roll. With that being said that is where this score's weaknesses lie. 

The score is entertaining but lacking any impact on the audience. When it was over I didn't feel like I was taken on a journey. This is an entertaining score, but I just don't ever see myself listening to this score over and over again. It's a decent action effort, but in the end it fails to demand the attention it should have demanded from the beginning.