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The Exodus by Telergy (Review)

posted Jan 24, 2012, 9:46 PM by Kaya Savas

We have another album here that is not a film score but an instrumental album that tries to execute visually charged music. What we have here is a mesh between Trans-Siberian Orchestra and E.S. Posthumus. While the intent of the album is laid out clear there are some hiccups that prevent it from being a totally immersive experience.

The soundscape is unique and each track is its own experience. A lot of sound effects are utilized into the overall soundscape as the story of Exodus is practically being told through music. Each track begins with some dialogue with a grandma telling the story of Moses and his people to her grandchild. That was the first aspect that threw me off just a bit. I'm all for music telling the story, and if the album was just music telling the story then it would be that much stronger. The inclusion of a dialogue between a grandma and a grandchild takes listeners out of it. Each track though is a great experiment in sound texture and design. Some tracks are short and others long, but the cohesive whole does come together. I'm not a fan of hard electric guitars and those do dominate a lot in this album, but if you're into that then you may really enjoy it.

The whole concept is terrific. It's basically an interpretation of The Exodus through modern music. The execution is terrific and in the end as a whole piece it's a pretty unique experience. However, be warned there is some heavy metal elements to this album. I am not a fan of that type of music and that's solely a personal opinion and not a critique on the quality of the album. Any fans of Trans-Siberian Orchestra are urged to check The Exodus out.