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The Evil Within by Masafumi Takada (Review)

posted Jan 14, 2015, 7:09 AM by Leo Mayr

Well, I‘m not good with horror games (or any horror media). Alien Isolation being the only horror game I ever completed still manages to frighten me on my fourth playthrough. So, when I decided to play The Evil Within, I was really surprised by the effect the game has on the player. As someone who expects to be frightened (or disgusted by gore) at any minute, the music did not help me at all. It rather did the opposite. But honestly, that‘s what it‘s supposed to do, so it‘s a good thing it‘s doing that.

The score really confirms horror music “stereotypes“ with long and disturbing sounds that basically sound like an empty corridor. Those can be found in “One Eight Four: On-Scene“ but for the album, they do not appear much more. It‘s more intense tracks that really make the score stand out. “Crude Contraption“ is a frightening fight-for-your-life action sequence that is easily the best the album has to offer. “Grey Matter“ is a great action track that adds electronics to the mix to create a fantastic conclusion to the album, leaving the suspenseful ambience and going all out action. There are more action tracks, all of witch are pretty similar in a dark, disturbing and frightening way, but if you just want to sit back and listen to some music, this is probably not the music you will want to use.

While this score works great for a scary videogame, as a listening experience, it feels out of place since most of the tracks have little substance and are just there to frighten you. If you are a collector and/or a fan of either the game, horror scores of the composer Masafumi Takada, you might want to skip this one.