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The Event by Scott Starrett (Review)

posted Jul 28, 2011, 8:51 PM by Kaya Savas

In the world of television there is a lot of music being composed, and a lot of scores are working mostly unnoticed to great effect on your favorite series. Ever since a little show called LOST came along I have been comparing TV scores to what Giacchino was able to accomplish, but in many respects that is unfair. What Giacchino did on LOST is beyond comprehensible and the only way to experience it is to actually watch the series. Bear McCreary is another fantastic TV composer who helped elevate TV scoring to new heights. With The Event Scott Starrett exists on these upper levels with his score, and even though the series has since been cancelled his music does live on.

The music for The Event is all based off of conspiracy and paranoia. Strings become a huge factor in achieving that effect. The score is taut with tension and is a riveting experience. When the score is allowed to breath it can be quite phenomenal. Unfortunately with a lot of short track times the overall experience can be jolting and choppy. However, the overall mood and identity of the score is not lost. The music keeps up a certain energy through the journey. The score is not all a thrill ride though as there are periods of tranquility where Starrett injects some character and emotion. Towards the end of the album the score does get big and commands a great presence in a very impressive way.

If there is a weakness to the music I would say it's the lack of strong thematic grounding. The score works best when it's driving in emotions resulting from the action, but with a show that is low on the character end of the spectrum we end up missing a strong emotional bond. It's a shame the show was cut short because I always see this as an abrupt end to not only the composer's work but the work of the writers as well. I'm glad the score finally got released so as to be experienced on its own. It's a strong effort from Scott Starrett who without a doubt has promising things coming ahead.