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The Eagle by Atli Örvarsson (Review)

posted Feb 12, 2011, 11:36 PM by Kaya Savas   [ updated Feb 16, 2011, 12:22 AM ]

Films like The Eagle always provide a great playground for composers. Atli Övarsson has a number of good scores in the past. Highlights of his filmography are Babylon A.D. and The Last Confederate. Those two scores really embody him as a composer and are really good score. With The Eagle Övarsson fine tunes his thematic approach and provides an excellent score that never gets carried away.

The music here is not only thematic and melodic but the colors and textures are astounding. Celtic flavors run rampant in the style which immediately provides your atmosphere. Bagpipes and deep male vocals create bubbling tension. After setting the atmosphere in the first few tracks the score continues the journey as the story unfolds.  The action cues are surprisingly not that big in terms of scope. This isn't Gladiator so I really appreciate the way the music has a brooding strength instead of a full frontal assault. The score's structure is excellent too and the album is a nice representation of that. While listening to it I felt like there was a lack of an emotional punch, but was happy that in the end Atli made the closing point a nice emotional one.

The score surprised me in a good way because Atli seemed to be moving out of his comfort zone. While his style is strong there is without a doubt new things we haven't heard here from him before. The result is a fresh and well executed experience. The score is a terrific and exciting listen with moments of beauty and elegance.

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