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The Disappointments Room by Brian Tyler (Review)

posted Oct 25, 2016, 11:16 AM by Leo Mayr

Director D. J. Caruso reteams with Brian Tyler for The Disappointments Room. While the film was a critical and financial failure, Tyler delivers a strong horror score that may very well be the best thing about the film.

The score's main theme immediately stands out, with a subtle and intriguing motif slowly building up, becoming more and more dramatic, serving as a fun introduction to the score. Tyler introduces a handful of stong emotional scenes before raising the tension and building up the mysteries in "Lament". "Legacy" is when the tension snaps into loud orchestral action for the first time. The score features a constant back and forth between calm emotional passages and strong tension building. Tyler frequently utilizes percussion remniscient of the ticking of a clock, a nice way to create a rise in suspense with the main theme frequently appearing as the foundation of the score. After the score comes to its loud climax in "So Long", we are left with "Beauty", a pretty self explanitory track title, to end the score. Tyler manages to balance the diferent aspects nicely and perfectly ties it all together for a very engaging narrative.

The orchestral music is a welcome change after Tyler's recent ventures into EDM. Tyler delivers a strong and engaging mystery score with sufficient emotional moments, and short bursts of action to make for a varied experience. The score is very subtle but never turns resorts to background filler for its quieter moments, instead always having a very active musical nature. While most critics seem to agree that The Disappointments Room is a forgettable film as a whole, it did get us a great score by Brian Tyler, so it definitely wasn't all for nothing.