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The Curse Of Sleeping Beauty by Scott Glasgow (Review)

posted Jun 14, 2016, 4:25 PM by Kaya Savas

Scott Glasgow continues to impress by delivering some supremely impressive scores. Scott just came off working on the score for Captain America: Civil War with composer Henry Jackman as part of the music team. With The Curse Of Sleeping Beauty, Glasgow showcases his immense talent for scoring with chorus. The film is a darker and more gothic take on the classic fairytale, and Scott’s score matches the tone perfectly. We end up with a score that builds a dark fantasy world around us and keeps us engaged all the way through.

Gothic horror is just a fun genre all around, and The Curse Of Sleeping Beauty looked to add an unapologetic entry into that genre. The film itself perhaps tried to accomplish more than it budget allowed, and in turn the storytelling suffered. The pacing and some flow issues of the film are reflected in the score naturally. However, what Glasgow managed to pull off with the score is pure gothic goodness that blends chorus and orchestra for a score that is darkly elegant. The music’s major success is atmosphere and mood. The instrumentation is spot-on and manages to absorb you into the story. The chorus and vocal work adds an element of history, giving a religious feel that connects with the plot. The curse dating back to the Crusades is part of the story, and the score effectively touches on it. The narrative has moments of great tension and suspense, and Glasgow has always been great at building those moments. The music never becomes heavy-handed, and in the end the only real drawback is the film’s narrative issues with pacing and flow that trickled down to the score.

The Curse Of Sleeping Beauty is some of Scott Glasgow’s best writing as it showcases an amazing blend of orchestra and chorus to create a gothic fairytale. The music is dark, beautiful, elegant, suspenseful and builds a perfect atmosphere. While the film itself has its narrative issues, the score is where the real treat lies. This one is a great experience from a composer who is successfully bringing a fresh voice to the industry.