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The Commuter by Roque Baños (Review)

posted Mar 9, 2018, 1:26 AM by Leo Mayr

The Commuter
is your typical Liam Neeson action thriller. This time, evil things are happening on a commuter train, leaving only everyday hero Liam Neeson to save the day. As boring as the film seems on paper, it’s actually pretty well made and has a few surprises up its sleeve. Unless you've seen the trailer... Similarily, Roque Baños’s score is fun and intense, helping the film a great deal, even though you’ll probably not remember it for long.

The score opens with a stunning main title sequence that captures the feeling of... well... commuting quite well. Throughout the film, Baños does an admirable job at handling the mystery and intrigue, as well as slowly increasing the tension before a handful of sudden bursts of action. There are a few hints at an emotional core, yet for most of the movie we follow a variating pattern of tension, followed by short bursts of action, followed by more tension. If you can take the film for what it is, you'll find some enjoyment to be had, even though it's just too easy to call the whole thing 'dumb' and ignore it altogether.

The Commuter doesn't reinvent the genre, but it's simply a well made action thriller. Roque Baños's score is rarely more than functional, yet it does its job well enough to make the movie worth seeing. This is a perfectly acceptable score with a few standout pieces.