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The Boss Baby by Hans Zimmer & Steve Mazzaro (Review)

posted May 4, 2017, 4:33 PM by Kaya Savas

There’s a quality and charm to Hans Zimmer’s melodies for animation in recent years. Stuff like Madagascar and Megamind all share this sentimentality that makes the music feel very organic. The Boss Baby is no different, with a score that echoes more of the heart and realness of emotions versus the goofiness. Steve Mazzaro shares second credit here as a co-composer, but definitely did most of the heavy lifting and fleshing out of the score.

The Boss Baby is equal parts quirkiness and organic emotion. The score’s main theme is pure Zimmer and is a melody that plays really close to the heart. Vocals are used to great effect and will remind listeners of great scores like Megamind and The Holiday. The score goes on its own crazy adventure as the narrative goes on, and we actually get to sample a lot of cool musical stylings that are all threaded together with a jazzy classiness. The score maintains the high energy and builds the stakes when needed while always keeping the main theme close by. By the time we get to the climax, which was handed over to Conrad Pope in the track “Love”, everything comes swirling together in a lush orchestral fashion. Hans asked Conrad to take the film’s theme and essentially compose a track from Conrad’s own point of view to bring everything home. The result is something truly wonderful. The whole story wraps up in a very beautiful way that makes the whole experience lasting and memorable.

The Boss Baby has fun, energy, character and emotion to spare. This is a super solid score that is anchored by Hans’ great themes and fleshed out wonderfully by Steve Mazzaro. Conrad Pope makes a guest appearance and takes the climax of the film to an amazing emotional swell, which works just perfectly. Everything fits well together even with lots of quirky stylings throughout, and the whole package is a score that is sentimental and fun without overdoing it on either front. The score is anchored by a great theme and an overall great structure that makes it a memorable journey you'll want to revisit.