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The Borgias by Trevor Morris (Review)

posted Jun 17, 2011, 4:28 PM by Kaya Savas

Trevor Morris has composed some amazing music in the past few years for The Tudors and he continues his tradition of excellence with Showtime's new series The Borgias. Many people will probably search out similarities in his music for The Tudors and The Borgias when in reality these two series are completely different. The only thing similar between them is his style, which has come a long way from his synth driven video game scores.

The score for The Borgias can only be defined as suspenseful elegance. The music is crafted with such subtleties and unique textures that every track feels like it's tiptoeing toward some revelation as more and more is revealed. There is also an ethnic aspect to the score as Morris uses some culturally specific instruments to add interesting flavors. If you don't watch the show then you might be inclined to think that nothing but period music awaits when in reality this is a very modern score that packs a certain quiet intensity. This isn't a rip-roaring action score but Morris will pick up the pace when needed just enough to get your heart racing before dropping back down to sustaining tension. The whole experience is quite a ride and reminds us how talented Trevor Morris is when it comes to episodic scoring.

The Borgias was a huge success so I think it's safe to assume we will be hearing more of Trevor Morris' fantastic music in the future with more releases to come. The way he handles large arcs is quite impressive. The music presents many different motifs to carry it and the result is a very focused experience.