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The Affair by Marcelo Zarvos (Review)

posted Nov 22, 2015, 12:01 PM by

In 2014, talented and experienced composer Marcelo Zarvos worked on the Golden Globe winning TV series The Affair. Ten episodes were produced and the composer provided the score for the entire first season. The show received largely positive reviews and it came as no surprise that a second season, this time featuring 12 episodes, was going to be produced.

However, the music itself is quite a difficult affair. For the most part, I did not really know how to feel about it, since most of it unfortunately did not grab me. The music clearly isn't bad. I just had trouble connecting to it. The album, which contains 28 pieces, features many short cues. Many times I felt that, when the music started to have a certain narrative flow, it was interrupted and the next track started. This fact itself may not be the biggest downside, yet the music itself simply does not really do much outside the series which it was written for.

The sound, instrumentation and compositional style might be spot-on in the series. Though outside of it, there were merely a few pieces that I enjoyed, “Block Island” being one of those. For the most part, to me, the music feels really restrained and cold.

I would definitely love to say more positive things about this score and the effort that Mr. Zarvos put into it, but I really could not get into this album. There are nice cues here and there, but ultimately I felt that many parts were rather tedious and forgettable, which is unfortunate for the listener, but like I said before, inside the series the situation might look quite different.