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The 100: Season 3 by Tree Adams (Review)

posted May 5, 2016, 3:52 PM by Kaya Savas

The 100 is the popular post apocalyptic series on the CW where 100 “expendable” juvenile delinquents are sent back to Earth to see if the planet is hospitable after a devastating nuclear attack. Composer Tree Adams takes over scoring duties on Season 3 and breathes fresh air into the series by giving it melodic intensity and thematic identity. The score here is quite entertaining, and does a decent job of building a unique world for the story to exist in.

Tree Adams brings a wealth of TV experience to The 100 with his work on shows like Calinfornication, Franklin & Bash, Perception and Legends. With The 100, Tree is finally given a canvas that allows him to truly build a sonic world. Since the dystopian youth genre is so popular these days, it’s always refreshing to hear something with a sonic identity. Thankfully we get that with The 100, something the show sorely needed and is probably why Tree Adams was brought in to overtake scoring duties. It’s definitely an interesting situation for a composer to be in, and this is not out of the norm for TV series. Many times a show will shift creative direction mid-run, and it’s never intended as an insult to what came before it. Here Tree takes over the reigns and infuses thematic arcs and melodic stricture that revitalizes the narrative with great energy. The orchestral/electronic hybrid approach is nothing new, but the textures and instrumentation used definitely give The 100 its own sound. The soundtrack is a great presentation of what Tree put together for season 3, giving us many of those themes and standout moments.

The impressive thing about The 100’s season 3 score is that it reestablishes a strong foundation and launching pad for the series to build off on. By giving us tangible themes and melodic structure, the score resonates and absorbs you into the story. The approach of orchestra and electronics is not new, but the sound that Tree Adams developed for the series is. The 100 emerges from Season 3 with a new identity, and a score that is entertaining yet emotionally engaging even if it tries to be grand in scope a little too hard sometimes. There’s a reason why Season 3 is the show’s first soundtrack album, and that’s because there is something worth showing! The 100’s score is way more interesting and engaging than most of the big-budget YA dystopian film series out there, and for that it’s worth your time.