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Ride Along 2 by Christopher Lennertz (Review)

posted Feb 22, 2016, 4:55 PM by Kaya Savas

Christopher Lennertz continues his collaboration with director Tim Story in Ride Along 2. The score builds upon the entertaining first score except this time with some added hispanic flair. Lennertz has proven his ability to balance both action and comedy in a time when the two genres are seemingly blending together more often, and Ride Along 2 is a great example of how to successfully walk the line between two extremely different genres.

What Ride Along 2 does right is give us wonderfully colorful scoring that breaths life into the film. The characters played by Ice Cube and Kevin Hart hardly need any music to make their chemistry funny, so instead the music stays on the back burner for comedy. There are some quirky tracks here and there that play to the comedic tones of the main duo, but largely this is an impressive action score that showcases Lennertz’s ability to stylistically and melodically entertain. Bringing in Sheila E. and Arturo Sandoval to add some extra layers to the music really was a great idea. Overall the score is not a hardcore adrenaline rush, but it makes for one entertaining ride. Lennertz’s action writing has always been top-notch even when it’s in a film starring a modern Abbot & Costello pairing.

Ride Along 2 is pure harmless fun. The action outweighs the comedy, but the tone never feels muddled. The Miami flair added to the music makes Ride Along 2 standout apart from the first one, and the action tracks are quite engaging. Lennertz gives the film a fun modern approach without it ever feeling too goofy or too intense. It’s the right blend of action/comedy scoring even if there is no real emotional pull to the score or the film.