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Revolt by Bear McCreary (Review)

posted Oct 19, 2017, 7:12 PM by Kaya Savas

Revolt brings us another Bear McCreary score that showcases the composer’s action side. Bear’s versatility as a storyteller has always been one of his most endearing traits. It’s great to hear something like the orchestral-heavy Happy Death Day, and then a synth-rock action ride like this. Revolt may lack the structure and depth to be anything but a fun diversion, but it’s still a fun diversion.

Revolt pits two characters in the midst of an alien invasion where mechanical sentries have been deployed to wipe out humans. The score latches on to this and is mechanized down to its core. The narrative starts out with a bang and that gives us some fun action pieces to take us into the second act. Things drag a bit here, but McCreary is able to do some really cool textural builds that keep the tone of the score in-line. There’s not much in terms of character development or an emotional core to the music, but its dominant style keeps you engaged. Once we get to the final act things start to heat up again with a beefy climactic track that brings things to a close. The last track is of course the typical “looking forward and rebuilding for the future” type of ending.

Revolt could have been something forgettable, but Bear McCreary was able to infuse his signature melodic approach to make it a stylish electronic adventure. This is a score that operates solely on the surface, and even without much depth it still manages to be an engaging ride.