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Repentance by Mark Kilian (Review)

posted Dec 14, 2014, 6:24 AM by
Before I listened to Mark Kilian's Repentance score, I pretty much expected an average score for an average psychological thriller. Usually, those films tend to have similar sounding scores with rather the same ingredients.
In the case of Repentance, composer Mark Kilian established a really nice tone with some of the pieces he wrote and while listening to them, you might not quite believe this is a thriller score. The first track “Released” is quite the opposite of what I expected. This cue starts with a simple piano theme, then the violin takes over to create a very lovely atmosphere. “Let The Beauty In” is another example of the quieter and more delicate moments of the album.
Throughout the 27 tracks, Kilian used the piano to some extent, also featuring warm string textures and some creative use of electronics, even combining them with the sound of the Duduk instrument. However, as the album progresses, the sound becomes harsher and more disturbing.
When I finished the album, I felt there were some really nice moments. Some tracks play the tender, some the creepy and others the frightening aspects of the story and a few cues are pretty unsettling and hard to listen to. Given the nature of the film, it was pretty obvious that some pieces might not please the general audience, yet there are a couple of tracks you might want to check out.