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Red Dawn by Ramin Djawadi (Review)

posted Jan 3, 2013, 10:24 AM by Kaya Savas

Ramin Djawadi is a very busy guy. Game Of Thrones and Person Of Interest are two immensely popular shows that show no signs of stopping and on top of that he continues to score films and video games such as Medal Of Honor: Warfighter, Safe House and Red Dawn. Red Dawn is the remake no one asked for, and while it may be the weakest film of Ramin’s workload of 2012 it is not his weakest score. I do believe a good movie can be ruined by a bad score, but it doesn’t work the other way. A great score will not save a bad movie, but luckily that’s when we get to enjoy great scores on their own and that’s the case with Red Dawn.

Red Dawn is Ramin working in calculated precision much in the way he scored Safe House (a score I highly recommend). Ramin has scored action before, but he adds a distinct personal touch to his music that elevates it above standard fare. The music here is propulsive and energetic like you’d expect and does the job. He uses a great mix of electronics and orchestra to give it a modern edge, but it still has the full weight that it should. I know a lot of people are going to compare it to Basil Poulidoris’ score, but I know for a fact that Ramin doesn’t listen to other scores when he works on an established franchise. He tries to go in blind and score it as if it was the first time it was scored, which a good thing. Red Dawn isn’t a showstopper, but it’s a solid score with some memorable moments that is worth a listen.

Red Dawn came and went pretty quickly, but it’s a decent entry in Ramin’s filmography. It has his style all over it and makes for a fantastically entertaining listen. The shape of the score may be predictable, but look at the film it’s accompanying. There’s nothing cheesy or over the top here, just good solid scoring. The emotional tracks even play very well as long as you disconnect from the film. With Safe House and Red Dawn in 2012 we really got two very well done action scores from Ramin Djawadi's film efforts.