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Red 2 by Alan Silvestri (Review)

posted Jul 22, 2013, 8:31 PM by Kaya Savas   [ updated Jul 23, 2013, 12:56 PM ]

It may seem strange to see Alan Silvestri scoring a sequel to a film where he didn’t compose the original and has no prior history with the director. I’d be willing to bet producer Lorenzo di Bonaventura probably helped rope him in for the project to take over for Christophe Beck. Silvestri is one of the greatest composers working in film so it was interesting to hear what he cooked up for this over the top fun action flick. The score is right in line with the tone of the movie. It provides a decent and twangy action sound that is an entertaining listen. Silvestri hits all the right notes to make Red 2's soundscape wholly original and extremely entertaining.

Red 2 is the sequel to the successful first movie about a bunch of aging Black Ops operatives jumping back into action. The movies are meant to be fun and the score here is exactly that. Silvestri uses a lot of electronics to get that espionage techno edge. The themes are simple and fun but don’t call attention to themselves. Structurally the action stuff is pretty good. Nothing here is going to blow you out of the water, but for something of this nature and an action score from one of the great auteurs it’s great. Every now and then we’ll get some orchestral bursts and they mesh well with the overall electronic nature of the music. Silvestri's style is evident throughout and he handles the material with ease. There is one tune that has a touch of funk to it and that makes an appearance here and there. It’s the one “oh this is a fun movie” kind of track, and it’s right since it is fun. Anybody will have a blast hearing Alan take a crack at a movie like this.

Don’t come here for emotion, character or depth. Red 2 is just a purely stylized action score from Alan Silvestri. The music has a unique soundscape and great structure, and that’s really all that it needs. While the movie may be a bit over the top and comical, I didn't sense that in the score. The score never tries to be too big or loud and stays right on a certain level that works. Red 2 is great because we get to see Silvestri doing a score that probably none of us would expect him to do at this point in his career. A welcome blast of awesome from one of the best composers of all time.