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Reclaim by Inon Zur (Review)

posted Oct 2, 2014, 4:16 PM by Kaya Savas

Renowned video game composer Inon Zur has crafted some of the most memorable soundscapes for listeners. He is a composer who can truly bring a world to life. He mostly operates in the video game realm with huge games like Crysis, Fallout 3 and Fallout: New Vegas. But from time to time we get a feature film score from Zur and it’s always a treat to hear him flex his fixed narrative muscles. Reclaim is a fantastic score from Zur for a movie that doesn’t deserve to have it. The film is a complete miss in every aspect of filmmaking minus its cinematography and of course score. Since the film’s plot is so mind-numbingly simple, it allowed for the score to craft a perfectly fine-tuned narrative. From there Zur was able to build a wonderful thriller score with a strong heart and fluid emotional flow.

The one thing that stands out about Reclaim is how extremely well the narrative flows. There is nothing fancy here. We have our setup, our conflict is introduced, we have a cliched build to the climax, and then a touching resolution. However, it’s how organic that Zur makes it all that is worth noting. Never does the score feel forced or on the nose, even though the film piles on the terrible dialogue from start to finish. The music finds a way to rise above the poor filmmaking and be a wonderful journey all on its own. Deep strings and piano strikes that resonate low give the score a weight and a presence. Everything about the music is fueled by this idea of a complete family. The music starts as a whole, it gets broken apart when the conflict comes, and then it comes back together even stronger at the end. The score has a raw power about it, and it comes from within. The music easily grabs hold of you and definitely allows you to become part of its journey. It’s just very sad it wasn’t part of a good film.

Don’t hold the terrible film against Inon. The music hits all the right beats and becomes something rather memorable. If Inon was able to do something this noteworthy with a movie like Reclaim, you can only imagine what he could add with a story way more substantial and well done. Even though the plot goes through all the generic cliches of a thriller, the score manages to feel organic and fresh. The strong theme and arresting emotional current carry the listener through a journey worth taking many times.