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Prometheus by Marc Streitenfeld (Review)

posted Jun 13, 2012, 10:22 PM by Kaya Savas

I feel as if Marc Streitenfeld has been under the industry microscope ever since he became Ridley Scott's go-to composer. He has never done a score without Ridley being involved in some fashion. His only two non-Ridley directed films are Welcome To The Riley's and The Grey; both are produced by Ridley Scott. Never has the microscope been more focused than for Prometheus; undoubtedly the biggest score of his career so far. I never had any doubts, but some people did. Then word got out that Harry Gregson-Williams had to come in to help with additional music. Why is this a big deal for many? I have no idea. The result is an absolutely masterful effort on Streitenfeld's part only enhanced by the grandiose wonder Harry brought to the table.

Prometheus' score is such a complex soundscape of different layers, tones and melodies that all blend into this mysteriously wonderful terror. It's clear that Harry was brought in to give the film some big cosmic and existential theme, which is what he did. A theme that is referenced a few times throughout the film. It serves as an anchoring point but it blends so perfectly with what Streitenfeld did. Clearly Streitenfeld and Harry worked together on this one as you can hear this motif in the track "Earth", which is credited to Streitenfeld. So to say that Harry "rescued" the film is completely inaccurate. The other 99% of the score by Streitenfeld is dark, brooding and at times thrilling. The music builds on you and is never boring. The score is structured almost perfectly and in the film it plays such a major role as music always does in a Ridley Scott film. The subtle undertones work very well as do the big overt cues. The film is driven by the score and as a musically conscious viewer I felt this score working over me every step of the way. It builds such a solid universe and it feels brand new. Streitenfeld references Jerry Goldsmith's Alien theme ever so slightly in "Friend From The Past"; a perfect track title. 

Prometheus is a splendid wonder of brilliant scoring. It hits all the right beats and shows how talented the young Marc Streitenfeld is when it comes to hitting the right emotions. Harry's wondrous theme doesn't steal the show as some people may lead you to believe. It serves as a perfect accent to the already masterful score. Prometheus is a richly composed score that holds this great beast of a film together.