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Pride And Prejudice And Zombies by Fernando Velázquez (Review)

posted Mar 5, 2016, 9:54 AM by Leo Mayr

The everlasting flood of zombie movies just keeps going and going. While the films are usually not very original, the music allows different composers to tackle the zombie genre in their own unique way, resulting in a few pretty entertaining scores. With the upcoming Pride And Prejudice And Zombies (a name I really don't want to spell out every single time...), the undead hordes plague 19th century England, a somewhat interesting concept.
The music perfectly resembles that setting. Merry orchestral themes alongside suspense and action define the album. 

The album starts with a handful of well composed dances before plunging into chaos in "We Are Under Attack!!". Peaceful tracks follow, with a couple of great, intense action pieces scattered throughout, but the heart of the score consists of more of the emotional and peaceful moments. Tracks like "Menuet Des Mortes Vivants" sound more like classical orchestral concert pieces than a zombie movie score, making the album a truly unique experience. "The Letter / Siege Of London" and "Zombies Are Fed / Attack / Showdown" are my favourite action tracks of the score, the latter featuring just a hint of electronics. Personally, I'd have loved to hear the score as purely orchestral music since I am starting to feel tired of them being almost everywhere. However, in these tiny doses I don't mind them a whole lot.

Velázquez manages to create an interesting approach to the zombie genre by mixing intense action with well composed orchestral dances. While the score has a few moments that drag or uninteresting, the vast majority of tracks create a unique and exciting listening experience well worth your time.