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Prey by Mick Gordon (Review)

posted Jul 21, 2017, 9:43 AM by Leo Mayr

Composer Mick Gordon has a long history in videogames. One of his more recent scores, for last year's DOOM, recieved a lot of praise for Gordon's insanely engaging action and expertly crafted electronic soundscape. Needless to say, Gordon was a perfect fit for the Prey reboot.

Set on a space station shortly after a disastrous event, the player is given a vast amount of freedom to explore the station and piece together the story, as well as other mysteries, all the while encountering terrifying shadow monsters. The first music you'll hear is "The Experiment", which plays over the main menu and immediately defines the mood and sound of the game. A combination of atmospheric textures and more melodic elements make for a mysterious and unsettling atmosphere. The game's opening scene features a less suspenseful piece in "Everything Is Going To Be Okay", that serves as a nice contrast to the dark horrors that follow. The vast majority of the music is made up of ambient atmospheric pieces, made up of various electronic sounds and textures. What sets the score apart from other recent ambient horror scores is Gordon's flawless writing. While you'd be satisfied with near static sounds as ambient music, Gordon keeps things interesting by changing up the electronics and throwing in hints of melodic elements. Fans of Gordon's work will be delighted to hear some recurring sounds from DOOM as well.

Prey is a precise and well crafted ambient suspense score. While the score wonderfully supports the game's visuals, there's not a whole lot you'll remember after putting down the game. Gordon's unique style does make the album presentation worthwhile, yet there are no real highlights that could stand up to Gordon's monumental efforts for DOOM.