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Poldark by Anne Dudley (Review)

posted Jul 20, 2015, 4:07 PM by Kaya Savas

The series of novels by Winston Graham as been adapted into a TV series twice now. Once in the 70’s and now a with a shiny gloss of paint for 2015. Poldark is more historical drama from the BBC that follows Ross Poldark as he returns home from war to build his life back. With the tone and look of a soap opera, Poldark is filled with gorgeous looking actors making history look super sexy and dramatic. The show isn’t tongue in cheek at all surprisingly, as is evidenced by Anne Dudley’s wonderful score.

Poldark embraces its melodrama wonderfully, and Dudley does a wonderful job with the music. The score is not a typical “historical” sounding soundtrack. Sure we get some violin and other strings to help establish a little bit of a setting, but overall the score is pretty timeless. The music carries a sense of elegance and beauty with it, but there is a melancholic current running through it all. The music also has this body of warmth that adds weight. These aren't just fluttering strings that echo away into the air, there's lots of deep strings working underneath it all. And while all the music is elegant and beautiful, it’s also wonderfully structured dramatically. Even in the album sampling of the season we get a lot of melodic builds that echo the characters’ stories. I found myself really entranced by the music and by the end wishing for the story to continue.

Poldark is a wonderful piece of work from Anne Dudley who showcases some great writing and mastering of tone. The music embraces the melodrama of the show, but everything feels rich and organic. The elegance within the melodies and thematic work pulls you in. The score has this light airy surface with a rich and deeper core that adds some dramatic weight. This is a score that feels very in sync with the narrative and never tries to do more than it should. For that, it becomes very enjoyable and effective.