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Piranha 3DD by Elia Cmiral (Review)

posted Jun 4, 2012, 7:16 PM by Kaya Savas

Piranha 3DD is not exactly going to be a classic, but even in these stupid movies you can sometimes find an enjoyable score. I actually enjoyed Michael Wandmacher's score to the first movie. It was just a fun piece of fluff that you can listen to. It never took itself seriously and stayed its course to the end. While this score shares similar qualities I do find it to be less charismatic than the first score. This one takes it a bit more serious and in the end becomes a subpar horror score that tries a bit too hard. It loses the campy tone that Wandmacher had and in turn loses any appeal to the listener.

Looking at it plainly in terms of execution and instrumentation this score is great. However it's when you get into the meat of the music that it loses its appeal. I was pretty into it for the first few tracks, but it soon lost me as a listener and my mind began to drift. If the title of the film is Piranha 3DD then give me some of that double D. I want some empty calories to enjoy. Instead I got a score that just progressed like any B horror movie would. Nothing spectacular or memorable. Cmiral created a nice theme and I enjoyed hearing that weaved throughout, but the movie craved much more. The music needed to be more aggressive than it was. It needed to be much more campy, even more so than the original. This isn't a trash score, but it is immensely forgettable and doesn't last long on you.

Michael Wandmacher hit the nail on the head. His score was louder, more sarcastic and campy even if it was not perfect. This score has all those ingredients except in a lower dosage. So, in the end we're left with a pretty standard horror score that goes through the formulaic motions with no extra toppings on this sundae.