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Outlander: The Series - Vol. 2 by Bear McCreary (Review)

posted Sep 15, 2015, 8:08 PM by Kaya Savas   [ updated Sep 15, 2015, 8:08 PM ]

Bear McCreary’s dominance of television scoring continues as we get Volume 2 of Outlander that continues the great music we got from Volume 1. Both of these albums cover Season 1 as the season aired in two 8-episode chunks over the course of a year. Bear echoed that structure here with the soundtrack releases, and with Vol 2 we wrap up the events of Season 1. At this point Claire Randall has already been transported from 1945 back to Scotland in 1743 and is now wrapped up in the middle of the Jacobite Risings.

The score for Outlander continues all that greatness we heard in Season 1. The way the tracks unfold while being completely wrapped around wonderful melodies seriously transports you as a listener. The music is steeped in romance and adventure while feeling like it was born of the time our main character has strangely time-traveled to. We have a few wonderful song performances from Bear’s wife, Raya Yarbrough whose voice is enchanting. All those elements mixed with traditional instrumentation of fiddles and bagpipes make the score feel appropriately Scottish. Then you have that warm melodic romanticism that weaves the narrative and in an essence it could be a fairy tale. Outlander pulls you into the narrative by superbly building the world of its story and fleshing out the emotional currents of the characters and the events that unfold around them. Bear's work on Outlander has been stunningly beautiful at times, and to see where it goes in season 2 is an exciting prospect.

Outlander is definitely one of McCreary’s more refined scores that really surrenders itself  to the story, characters and setting. It still has that McCreary boldness, but I found that it connects deeply as an integral piece of the storytelling more so than most scores you’ll find on TV these days.