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Natural Selection by iZLER & Curt Schneider (Review)

posted Apr 30, 2012, 9:06 PM by Kaya Savas

The small indie film Natural Selection is certainly a unique film founded on a common story. A woman who finds out her dying husband had an illegitimate son decides to find him and reunite them before it's too late. The story is character heavy and so is iZLER and Schneider's score. A wonderful meshing of great sounds and melodies to hook you. While the 20-minute running time may be off-putting there's no reason to worry. In those short 20 minutes the duo managers to craft direct emotions and they don't waste anytime getting to the point of the story's arcs.

The opening track opens with an accordion, which is a very unusual sound to American ears. Since it's a rarely used instrument in scoring it makes the scores that do use it stand out. Just the mention of it reminds me of Danna's Little Miss Sunshine or Atli Örvarsson's playing on Hans Zimmer's Sherlock Holmes score. Here the score doesn't rely on it, but just opening with it grabs you. When the strings come in you get this swelling emotional feel. The rest of the score is so poignant and so simple. The main theme is just a varying 4-note motif, and within that it speaks volumes. You'll hear variations of that theme within the score and of course it closes out on it. This is such a well rounded short score that it angers me that there isn't more. I wish this music would flow bigger, but the score serves what the story needs.

This is by far one of the best scores under 30-minutes I've ever heard. Do not let the short running time let you look past it. I highly suggest seeking out this digital release as soon as possible. iZLER and Schneider have done a wonderful little score here that packs a lot of emotions without having to do much. The unique instrumentation and textures give it a strong identity without it being too loud. You can imagine a small band of musicians playing this score gently beside you when you close your eyes, and that gives it its intimate nature. A wonderful treat.