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My Week With Marilyn by Conrad Pope [Marilyn's Theme by Alexandre Desplat] (Review)

posted Dec 21, 2011, 11:50 AM by Kaya Savas   [ updated Dec 21, 2011, 11:54 AM ]

Conrad Pope may be known for his work as an orchestrator and conductor, but My Week With Marilyn will immediately jump him to the top of the list of today's best composers. The score features a main theme by Desplat who seems like the perfect fit for the film. Pope was actually an orchestrator on Desplat's score for Tree Of Life so I imagine this was a project handed to him by Desplat. Desplat's theme is nice and gives Marilyn a persona and depth. Pope's score is magnificent and delightful which brilliantly captures the time, place and people of the story.

Imagine music that perfectly captured your emotions and accentuated them. This score does that in the most elegant and delicate way imaginable. Along with Pope's score the soundscape weaves in classic songs of the era that define the story at hand. These days we see a lot of big-name composers headlining a score with solely a main theme credit. Hans Zimmer has done it with Crysis 2, Call Of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 and Skylanders. James Newton Howard did it with Dante's Peak. Desplat's theme here though feels like it has a very integral part to the score's structure. While I'm not saying Hans' and James' themes didn't have any weight their role was more so as to have their names on the CD to sell copies. Desplat's theme for Marilyn is just perfect and it really fleshes out here character in the simplest way. What Pope builds around that is something that needs to be heard. It's a very light and airy score that's filled with a beautiful energy and spirit. Parts of it are raw jazzy fusion while the rest are delicate character portraits. The end result is a brilliant score with an incredibly strong voice.

Conrad Pope hasn't really had the spotlight shone on him that much. The last time was when he was picked to replace Danny Elfman on The Wolfman after Elfman's score needed to be replaced. The end result on that was that Pope's work was also rejected and Universal opted to just stick with Elfman's work and use Pope's stuff as filler. It was a nightmare, but it's in the past. My Week With Marilyn is a brilliant well-rounded score that has many anchoring aspects to it that allow audiences to grasp on.