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Mother's Day by Bobby Johnston (Review)

posted May 7, 2012, 8:21 PM by Kaya Savas

Mother's Day is a remake of the 1980 horror film and was directed by the guy who brought you 3 of the Saw movies. The score by Bobby Johnston falls in line with the quality of filmmaking on display here. The score does do something interesting by pitting low strings with the high pitched strikes of a piano. It does hold a classic sensibility in that sense. The piano is just a classic instrument and ever since The Exorcist feels like it belongs in the horror genre. While the execution of the score is fantastic I can't say the effect of the score is lasting.

The score wears thin pretty quickly and seems to be just trudging along. We get some pretty good tracks here and there, and as a listening experience it does have a great sonic landscape. The score has a unique sound and feel, but it feels as if it were meant for another film. The music never builds towards anything. Structurally it's all on the same level so therefore no tension mounts from the music. The climactic track "Mom Beth Fight" is a 4-minute track that feels like a remix of the main theme, and while it sounds groovy it wasn't matching what I wanted to be feeling. There is in fact an actual remix at the end of the album for those who absolutely needed a techno version of the Mother's Day theme.

Mother's Day has some cool elements to it. It has a classic sensibility within its DNA, but as a score it falls short in accomplishing any real narrative progression. We get a great feel, but any emotion or urgency in the music is nowhere to be found. It's worth looking into to hear some tunes from Bobby Johnston, but as a score it misses the mark.