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Moon Breakers by Bear McCreary (Review)

posted Aug 28, 2012, 6:53 PM by Kaya Savas

Moon Breakers isn't a deep game to begin with. It's an arcade style space shooter that you can download for free and play directly in your Chrome browser. That means one thing to a composer, open canvas. This is a game where McCreary was free to do pretty much anything. He was able to nail the game in a very short amount of music. The album amounts to around 18 minutes of music, but they are a very entertaining 18 minutes. It's a stylistic and melodic romp all the way through. Firstly the music has McCreary's sound stamp all over it. The main theme has a classic adventure feel to it while intertwined with electronic beats to give it its futuristic feel. The next track, titled "Clans Of The Space Pirates" has an ethnic quality to it and is by far my favorite. It's fun and edgy and makes great driving music. The third track is a bit slower with an expansive feel to it. Then we close with an extended version of the theme. All in all it's not much, which is why I'm giving it a short review. Moon Breakers has plenty to appease McCreary fans like myself and offers a short burst of coolness that is a blast to listen to.