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Mission: Impossible- Ghost Protocol by Michael Giacchino (Review)

posted Jan 10, 2012, 11:14 PM by Kaya Savas

Michael Giacchino has the rare honor of being the only composer to compose consecutive Mission: Impossible films. Danny Elfman kicked things off, Hans Zimmer followed and J.J. Abrams brought Giacchino to the table for the third outing. What is shared here is that Michael Giacchino is both Brad Bird's and J.J. Abrams go to composer. So I have to imagine Ghost Protocol to almost be like a buddy cop film behind the camera. Giacchino does a fantastic job with his second Mission: Impossible film. The difference here is that this is just full out fun instead of the third score that was taken so seriously.

Brad Bird's Mission: Impossible is more along the lines of a James Bond film than any of the previous entries, and Giacchino has plenty of fun with it this time. While the third film took itself very seriously and was an intense experience I felt like this time around I could relax a bit more. We knew we were going to see Ethan Hunt kick some ass, and the music matches that. We also get a lot more world flavor. Since we go globetrotting Giacchino infuses some pretty rad tracks with local flavors. "Mood India" is just plain awesome and "A Man, A Plan, A Code, Dubai" made me feel as if Lawrence of Arabia was going to ride in at any moment. The action cues are executed perfectly and are constructed with extreme precision. The builds and the drops all play excellently with the editing. The score feels animated and you can map the picture out pretty well by listening to the score. It's very rare to get an action score like this anymore especially fully orchestral. Giacchino makes the orchestra feel so alive and propulsive. I enjoy some good synth now and then like everyone else, but Giacchino's style makes it seem like synth is now obsolete. He makes orchestra seem like it's the forefront of technology in scoring and that synthesizers are the way of the golden age. It's really awesome.

I love Michael Giacchino. I grew up on Medal Of Honor and his music has always been a part of my life. He can make you cry if he wants to, he can make you curl up in your seat, or he can just be damn entertaining. In this case this is just one damn perfect action score. It's one of those you play over and over to enjoy every moment over again. Pure fun, pure adrenaline and pure Giacchino.