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Misconduct by Federico Jusid (Review)

posted Feb 24, 2016, 4:54 PM by Kaya Savas

Misconduct is your typically generic suspense drama starring some old-school A-listers that is way too focused on creating some twisty plot versus giving us characters we actually care about. Probably the only good thing to come from it is Federico Jusid’s incredibly engaging score that is full of lush orchestral textures that paint a seductive mystery.

If you haven’t heard Federico Jusid’s previous work, then I highly suggest checking it out as he is an amazingly talented composer. His writing is top-notch and he finds ways to infuse thematic arcs and melodies to bring characters to life. He is definitely an old soul as his music feels as if it were written in the style of classic composers of the past. All that is true here in Misconduct, he is able to do a lot with a little. There are some nice broad strokes here, and that’s where the score shines. In the quieter sections is where the narrative feels like it’s treading water. The score is obviously trying to power through some dialogue dumps, or at least work in small bursts to make way for dialogue dumps. It does hinder the flow a bit, and in the end prevents the music from truly weaving the narrative. The final act showcases some great pieces though as Jusid really lets the orchestra build and fill the air.

Misconduct’s score is not as much as a misfire as the film it accompanies. Given the standard formula of deception and mystery leading to some grand reveal, the score does a good job with the material. Jusid's writing and approach is in top form even if he has to cater to the film’s problematic pacing and flow. By the end you’ll have experienced a pretty good score to a not so great film, but it’s a testament to Federico Jusid for doing such a great job with the material.