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Mao's Last Dancer by Christopher Gordon (Review)

posted Sep 29, 2010, 11:06 AM by Kaya Savas

This unknown film about a Chinese dancer who travels to America and falls in love with an American woman is an absolutely stunning musical journey. Christopher Gordon who was part of the musical team that did Master & Commander: The Far Side Of The World as well as the recent Daybreakers will absolutely blow you away here. Mao's Last Dancer is such an extraordinary musical experience that it has to be heard.

The music is a culturally inspired sweeping score that soars unlike anything you've heard recently. I was so utterly shocked at how good this score was. The blending of traditional Chinese sounds into sweeping orchestral elements was so overwhelming that it caught me off guard. The score incorporates a lot of influences from iconic ballets. There are a few tracks from Tchaikovsky included, and some of the tracks that Gordon has composed are indeed dances.

The music is grand and sweeping and has such a rich and full sound that it lifts you up. The dance pieces are also stunning and work as an extension of the score. Not only the classic pieces but the original dance pieces composed by Gordon as well. I guarantee that anyone who approaches this blindly will be surprised in the best way possible. The music takes us on an emotional journey that grows and grows into something spectacular.

The arrangements are beautiful and most of all are thematically grounded throughout. I highly recommend this score to anyone who has ever loved film music. It is also so rare that such a small and unknown film would have such an amazing score. Then again you always find the best things in life in unsuspecting places. Listen to the first track and I promise you will want to see it through. This is by far one of the best scores of the year.